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What's behind a winning season and a competitive advantage?

Many factors for a sports team. There's coaching staff, talented players, enthusiastic fans, strategic plays, and hundreds of hours spent training. And what else? Some teams and businesses are also applying the tools of analytics behind the scenes.

Benjamin Alamar has successfully helped teams, businesses, and individuals establish analytic systems so that they can achieve better results than others.

Applying his extensive background in economics, combined with his love of sports, Benjamin breaks down the tools of analytics into three groups:

  1. Data Management
  2. Predictive Analysis
  3. Information Systems

The work isn't platform specific. He helps translate facts, figures, and other data into usable information for teams, businesses and individuals.

"Benjamin taught a course in sports analytics specific to player evaluation. The students working in that part of the industry said that it was the most important class that they have taken. Benjamin is really one of the leaders in the new movement of analytics in sports."

—Daniel Rascher, PhD
University of San Francisco
College of Arts and Sciences - Sport Management