Benjamin Alamar - Book: Sports Analytics

Sports Analytics:
A Guide for Coaches, Managers,
and Other Decision Makers

"Outstanding! This is a serious look at the challenges of bringing analytics into the "actionable" realm within an organization, with great ideas and stories based on some of Alamar's own experiences."
  - Roland Beech, Director of Analytics, Dallas Mavericks

"Getting coaches and general managers to listen and understand the numbers is a classic problem for high-level stat geeks in pro sports. In this brisk narrative, Alamar takes us inside that process, using telling anecdotes from his colleagues and his own experience as a consultant with the Oklahoma City Thunder. This is a great read for job-seekers, teams interested in improving their own analytics platform, and smart fans wanting a peek inside team decision-making."
  - Zach Lowe, Staff Writer for

"Alamar combines first-hand experience as an analytics consultant with investigative research to provide an insider's view of team sports decision making.  Using industry examples instead of complicated formulas or equations, he is able to bridge the gap between the executive suite and sports fans.  This is a great read for anyone interested in learning more about how the sports world operates behind the scenes."
- Brian C. Kopp, Head of Sports Solutions Group, Stats LLC