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Analytics and Sports

It Aint' Rocket Science

In a recentNew York Times articlethe increase in the use of analytics in the NFL, former Ravens head coach Brian Billick joined the "head in the sand" crowd by asking the rhetorical question "How do you quantify, statistically, Ray Lewis?” and his answer, of course, was "You can't." Think for a minute what that says about how Billick sees football relative to every other endeavor humans have taken on. Man on the moon? Done. Heart transplants? Check. Connect millions of people by streaming video via a device you can carry in your shirt pocket?

Inter-Decade Competitions

A favorite game of sports fans, and one that Kobe has stirred up recently, is to imagine two dominant teams from different decades playing each other a conclude that one is better than the other. These debates are rarely about which team would actually win a game between the two, but rather which team is more significant or beloved by a particular group of fans. If these debates were actually just about who would win a game the answer would be easy: the more recent team (given enough time between the existence of the two teams) would win, no question.

Interested in a Career in Sports Analytics?

I have had a lot of conversations recently with two groups of people: 1) students/recent grads who would like to work in the field of sports analytics, and 2) executives in pro sports that are looking to hire students/recent grads who would like to work in the field of sports analytics.

In an effort to help facilitate these two groups finding each other, I would like to start a database of prospective sports analytics professionals so that when I get the call from an executive, I can send them a couple of names quickly - without relying on my memory of past conversations.