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So you want to work in sports analytics...
Preparing for a Career in Sports Analytics
Looking at Last Year's Rookie QB Class
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Thinking and Reading about Analytics


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Analytics and Sports

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Preparing for a Career in Sports Analytics

I often speak with students wondering what courses to take so they have the skills to get into sports analytics. Below are a set of useful courses – by no means exhaustive – courses that provide relevant skills for the field. These courses are from Coursera, and many schools have similar classes as well. ·        

  • Introduction to Databases-  This course covers database design and the use of database management systems for applications. It includes extensive coverage of the relational model, relational algebra, and SQL.

Not My Ideas

Three mind stretching analytic articles from the past week that everyone with an interest in analytics should read:

1) Phil Birnbaum (who I had the pleasure of sitting ona panelwith at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference) argues that analytics is best used toeliminate stupidity.

2) While I'm not necessarily a fan of the study or agree with the outcomes, at least Dave Berri is trying to ask interesting questions aboutmeasuring the impact of coaching. I think this is a very difficult topic and one that is not at all settled.

Thinking and Reading about Analytics

Below are three articles that I saw this week that caused me to think. I don't necessarily agree with everything in them, but each provides an important perspective on the use of analytics.

1)Recruiting Analytical Talent Requires Cultural Change- Discusses the need for organizations to have executive sponsorship of analytics and a path for analytic personnel to grow in the company.

2)Can You Balance Innovation and Execution?- While not directly discussing analytics, the message can be applied directly to building and maintaining an analytics group.