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Preparing for a Career in Sports Analytics
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Analytics and Sports

elite performance

Preparing for a Career in Sports Analytics

I often speak with students wondering what courses to take so they have the skills to get into sports analytics. Below are a set of useful courses – by no means exhaustive – courses that provide relevant skills for the field. These courses are from Coursera, and many schools have similar classes as well. ·        

  • Introduction to Databases-  This course covers database design and the use of database management systems for applications. It includes extensive coverage of the relational model, relational algebra, and SQL.

Don't Believe in Super Heroes

My guess is that most adults do not really believe in super heroes. They do not believe that there are people that are born with super human powers that allow them to perform acts that are not thinkable for “normal” humans.  Yet this is exactly how we tend to view athletes. Somehow, when we see Michael Jordan fly through the air and dunk, or Adrian Peterson bully his way through the line of scrimmage and then outrun defensive backs, or Usain Bolt appears to be literally faster than a speeding bullet, we attribute these feats to something called “natural ability”.