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Analytics and Sports


Sports Analytics vs. Moneyball

TheBuffalo Billsappear to be the latest team to jump into using the tools of analytics to help gain a competitive advantage. With yet another team getting into analytics, there is of course a story on them becoming the next Moneyball team, and how some very smart people think that theMoneyball approach will not work in the NFL. This happens in part because the term Moneyball has become synonymous with Analytics, but Analytics and Moneyball are not the same thing.

To be clear, Moneyball is the term, coined by Michael Lewis, that describes a strategy for using statistical analysis to identify undervalued players and strategies.

Interested in a Career in Sports Analytics?

I have had a lot of conversations recently with two groups of people: 1) students/recent grads who would like to work in the field of sports analytics, and 2) executives in pro sports that are looking to hire students/recent grads who would like to work in the field of sports analytics.

In an effort to help facilitate these two groups finding each other, I would like to start a database of prospective sports analytics professionals so that when I get the call from an executive, I can send them a couple of names quickly - without relying on my memory of past conversations.